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    Commercial Licensing

    Huntsman offers a wide variety of intermediates, formulations and specialty processes for use under license, along with many of its amine, surfactant and carbonate chemicals. 

    From planning to production, our licensing team works to ensure that Huntsman's patented technologies add value. With many decades of experience in manufacturing operations, perfecting key processes and customizing formulations for critical applications, our worldwide R&D network and innovation expertise are some of the distinct advantages you gain through licensing with us.

    Custom process solutions: We can tailor solutions around proprietary processes including alkylation, amination, catalysis, distillation, hydrogenation, nitrile reduction and sulfonation.

    Comprehensive service: We offer consultative and support services that span the lifecycle of your project:

    • Business planning
    • Evaluation for technical viability, market potential and financial feasibility
    • Process assessment, planning and design
    • Patented technology and relevant technical support
    • Process start-up and on-site support

    The "Huntsman Advantage" is the value you gain through licensing with us. Our core strengths in process, technology transfer and deep domain expertise, combined with a broad range of products, applications and formulations savvy and global network of R&D facilities, all lend superior foundational and strategic support for your endeavors.


          Key Technologies
    • Alkyl alkanol amines (MDEA and DMEA)
    • DGA® agent
    • Diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI)
    • Ethanolamines
    • Ethylene carbonate
    • Ethyleneamines
    • Linear alkylbenzene (LAB)
    • Maleic anhydride
    • Morpholine
    • Nonionic surfactants
    • Piperazine
    • Polyols
    • Polypropylene (specialty)
    • Polyurethane catalysts
    • Propyl amines
    • Propylene carbonate
    • Propylene oxide/tertiary butyl alcohol